Who are we;

RSAKA is a company with roots going back 30 years. After 30 years of active furniture adventure, RSAKA has evolved into a modern manufacturer of comfort areas. RSAKA can also be seen as a kind of special design option for interiors with its different design products. Designing is really a way to tell a story with wood, giving a strong touch from the walls to the furniture and around the room. Discover RSAKA, which always gives importance to quality, comfort, and design!


With the support of his sons, who became promoters, as well as him, of a Company that makes quality and professionalism its own bases. Excellent quality and considerable experience in the wood manufacturing shortly gave the Company a solid and well-defined identity, which nowadays express itself in refined products that contribute to design a domestic environment, where the everyday living needs are met.


The key to achieve renown within an international audience consists of its ability to find the right balance between form and function in every objet, together with an elegant and evolved taste, that is at the same time sober and essential for items made to last in time. A work that in half a century has managed to turn the founder’s dream into reality.


RSAKA's collection is large and varied, consisting of a large number of occasional furniture items developed in collaboration with in-house designers and renowned designers from outside the company.

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The main strength of RSAKA is also, and most important, something else. Something that has nothing to do with the quality of the materials or cutting-edge machinery. It’s the human factor. They’re people who for years have become part of this family, who treat products as they would do with something of their own, putting all their care and passion in their daily work.


RSAKA Adress
Mobiliyum AVM Yeniceköy,
İnegöl Bursa Karayolu,
No : 30 İnegöl/Bursa/Türkiye

TEL. +90 224 777 07 05